Welcome to REACAP Inc.

REACAP, Rea Capital Inc. is a full-service real estate investment and management company. REACAP Inc. specializes in multi-family, residential holdings and management across the Niagara and the Greater Horseshoe Region of Ontario, South Western Region of Ontario, and Fort Myers (Florida). Specializing in small to mid-sized multi-unit apartment buildings and residential homes REACAP Inc. is able to offer individualized care and attention to each of its community members.

We provide the consistent level of service through a developed network of trusted preferred partners. Our network of preferred professionals can handle all day to day building and unit maintenance, resident requests, and enhanced visibility via web analytical statistics to our investors.

We Understand desirable living spaces…

  • Units optimized for demographic living
  • Creating desirable places people call home
  • Maintaining safety and security in all properties
  • Ensuring highly sought-after living experiences
  • Providing efficient energy solutions to residence

Professional Management and Peace of Mind  –  We do it right!

All the services and specialties that go into successful property management are available from REACAP Inc.

We don’t outsource, so there are no concerns about delays, miscommunications, or confidentiality.

Services include:

Maintenance & Repairs

Keep your property in tip-top shape is one of our key priorities. We take care of all repair requests promptly, keeping tenants happy and protecting your home.

24 hrs Emergency Service

We have a dedicated team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist your tenants with maintenance emergencies, such as leaks. Our team of experts will ensure the maintenance issue is promptly looked after to mitigate damages to your property.

Tenant Screening

Our advanced screening process will eliminate bad tenants that hurt your bottom line and cause endless frustration. We only place the best of the best, using detailed screening to weed out the bad apples.

Credit check

A thorough and comprehensive examination of a prospective tenant’s credit history is performed to approve the best possible candidate to occupy your investment long-term.

Monthly Rent Collection

Say goodbye to the billing headache. At REACAP, we address all your accounting needs. We ensure payments are processed swiftly, protecting your cash flow.

Comprehensive Marketing for Your Suite

Find the right tenants the first time, with digital listings, comprehensive advertising, and photo tours to highlight your properties key features for renters.

Rent optimization

Increases the rate in accordance with current market trends and within the legal rights.

Rules enforcement

Liaising with building management to safeguard everyone’s right to the “quiet enjoyment of living”.

Liability assessment

Determines what repairs and maintenance the tenant is responsible for.

Financial Reporting

Simply review the financial health of your property at the click of a button, with our detailed online financial reporting tools. that keeps tabs on your investment.

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